Big news this morning for our friends at Carew Co.

Earlier today it was announced that BrandCraft is expanding to Boise with the acquisition of Carew Co.

Located in Richland, Washington, with an additional office in Spokane, Brandcraft is a “Growth Marketing Firm” that provides a complete suite of marketing, advertising and production services.

Paul Carey also shared some thoughts and insights about change in a post on the BrandCraft blog.

Tore Azur, CEO of BrandCraft, said: “Adding Boise to our expansion is a big step in the right direction and I can’t be happier with the team we’re bringing to the board. People are important, the right people are important, and we believe we’ve got gold with the new team. Carew Co. We can’t take this step without adding a team, and we can’t be confident. “

With this acquisition, Paul Carew is now working at BrandCraft as Creative and Content Director. Also Carew Co. Joining from are senior designers Thomas Walsh and Shylee Katsilomates, and copywriter Julie Han as co-partners.

Congratulations to everyone involved. We look forward to seeing what happens next.

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