Bob Hoffman hinted at me in a tweet:

Don’t be naughty. In the past advertising has not always been welcomed. Some culled from the survey:

Oops! I forgot to add the date of this survey:

More from Why is advertising so unpopular?:

… Online advertising has contributed greatly to this, with pop-ups hindering people’s browsing experience, the sheer annoyance of many retargeting and autoplay videos that are often listed as the main culprits. There seems to be no escape from the constant noise of advertising …

This all sounds eerily familiar. A post from 2010:

The more people use that smartphone, the less they will tolerate the deceptive graphical duds on their small screen.

And 2012:

Digital Destruction
Advertisers are becoming aware of the pitfalls of marketing at Digital Nest. Digital barriers are causing headaches.

Returning to Mr. Feldwick’s piece:

বিজ্ঞ Advertising as an art considering itself as ‘momentary’ still, like anything else, has a lot to learn from the past. As Paul put it, “If we do not understand the past, we have no hope for the future.” There is so much to learn from the history of advertising that has a tremendous relevance today …

It seems right to me. I have been doing a course ‘Education’ on Udemy About creative advertising – diving into the past for inspiration. The course hall Also on YouTube:

So thanks to Paul Feldwick. We are like-minded colleagues floating on the ether.

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