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According to the marketing forecast, 2022 is going to be a huge year for outdoor advertising And at AllOver Media, we see that many more companies are investing and planning in OOH advertising. As people become more comfortable in and around, there is an evolving opportunity to get to where they are.

If you still want the new year to be your biggest marketing year, guess what? It’s time to start planning already!

Why we Out of home advertising plans For 2022 Now?

Whether you feel ready or not, 2022 is fast approaching. In the world of marketing and advertising, it is perfectly normal to plan ahead. This is a great way to make sure you have time to plan and execute.

However, we all know 2021 was not a normal year. A limited supply of paper has caused many printing campaigns to falter. Printers are overloaded and often in short supply.

This has lengthened the turnaround time for advertising across the board. Although campaigns could have been created within two or three weeks before, we think it’s best Plan months in advance. This is especially true if you want prime OOH advertising real estate!

Although planning ahead is not a bad thing. Taking the time and care to create your campaign gives you an advantage over the competition. With next year’s marketing effort you have room to be creative and revolutionary.

Types of outdoor advertising

Outside advertising is a wide field that can reach many people when they are ready to hear your message. And there are many ways you can make it happen, depending on your unique needs and goals Some of the most effective types include:

  • Resort Media: Ads are designed for a specific leisure space to maximize impact and when people are not doing anything (for example, on a ski lift).
  • Transit: Advertising of bus wrappers which affects people on the go.
  • Convenience Store: Ice box ads, one sheet posters, gas nozzle ads, etc.
  • Digital: Gas pump advertising, digital truck advertising, indoor advertising, etc.

Using multiple types of ads outside the home makes your campaign more effective. Also, it catches people when they are in the headspace to buy your product or service. The right message + the right time + the right audience = success!

Digital mobile billboard truck in town

Jump into action with it Allover Media

Can’t wait any longer to plot out your 2022 ads. The process of creating a killer campaign takes time, so start now!

Want to make sure your business is ready for the new year? Shoot us a message. We’re here to help develop an effective, compelling advertising campaign that grows your business and highlights what you do best. Let’s take this new year by storm!

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