20The key to marketing to older people? Don’t say ‘old’.
New York Times
By Corinne Purtill
December 8, 2021

… In contrast, longevity experts say that today’s most effective marketing campaigns address a specific need to address a product or service, and that the buyer’s lifestyle – ideally without specifying age.

Quiz: Who is older?

A) The Old Speaking in the video
B) Suggested advice

The answer: B. The Old Boys are older, they were probably born before 2003:

advAdvertising for Baby Boomers (Part 1): Mentioning age
Chuck Kidney
Published: May 19, 2003

. When you look at a market, age is one of the many factors. But this does not mean that age should be mentioned in the campaign. Ads targeting baby boomers, such as ‘You’re getting older’ or ‘Feel younger (or look younger)’ can be annoying for the senses.

As far as other information and advice from NYT articles (affordability, life expectancy, product focus, blah, blah) – all have been covered by the nausea of ​​advertising by Yours Truly and others over the last two decades or so. I’ll link to dozens of examples from my book, blog – but I’m too old to do it right now.

I’m too tired to lace up and head out for a slow run. I need a nap

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