Mobile marketing is a new type of marketing, yet it actually incorporates elements of some ancient and well-proven methods. Many of the same rules that apply to other types of marketing will also apply to mobile marketing. However, there are some significant differences. This blog offers some hard tips on getting the best out of this brilliant advertising medium.

You can’t have a network marketing business without a cell phone. Your downline and potential sign-ups need to feel like you’re available at regular business hours, and a cell phone will give you the flexibility to go out and meet people without missing a call. A smartphone will allow you to pick emails on the go.

Be fast with your message. It goes perfectly with being relevant. You can send an email about something happening, but it doesn’t always translate when you need to send a text message. Don’t be too early or too late with your messages. For example, you can announce a sale a few minutes before the store opens, vs. days.

Get your website mobile friendly! View your website on a mobile device. What do you like to see? Most don’t do that until you find your site on a mobile-friendly platform. Check your content management system to see if it offers a mobile plugin, or talk to a local digital advertising agency to create a solution for you. Either way, it’s important to make your site look professional and attractive on mobile devices!

When more than one person works in your business in mobile marketing, it is important for each person to understand the plans and goals behind your company, so that everyone is working on the same page. Your team should be knowledgeable enough so that your business is not interrupted, if a customer asks a question.

When defining your goals for your mobile marketing campaign, always make sure they are both manageable and potential. There is nothing more detrimental to this type of campaign than setting really high expectations, and the worst part is that some marketers try complex methods that they think will help them. Keep things simple and possible.

When not used properly, mobile marketing can get people excited. You will need a plan to use the tips included here, especially when you start using mobile marketing. New customers and new businesses will be the potential results of your efforts.

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