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As winter approaches, it is safe to assume that more people will gather for entertainment, dining, and necessary work. According to British Journal of DermatologyIndoor activity increases up to 100% in winter.

During such drastic seasonal changes, it is important to consider how you can change your advertising strategy to accommodate the behavior and needs of new customers.

Benefits Indoor advertising

Indoor advertising This is an effective way to capitalize on the constant traffic growth during the colder months of the year. And since people are more likely to stay in these places for long periods of time – after all, who wants to go back to that cold?! – you have more time to get their attention!

Audiences are further divided. Filling in their inbox or online search queries is not something to be wary of. IIndoor advertising Helps to engage consumers from a messy, eye-level convenience point. This makes it a knockout in terms of winter advertising strategy.

Consider these major advantages Indoor advertising As you plan your next campaign.

1. You have a captive spectator with you Indoor advertising

Restaurant advertisingTimes, and Digital indoor advertising Hold customers in a naturally attractive position. Advertisers do not need to ask consumers to listen or watch an ad Indoor advertising. Instead, they are able to place their ads in places where people are already gathered.

Bathroom ad, For example, tries to engage an audience that has nothing more to look forward to Placing an ad in a lounge can capitalize on the lack of conversation or personal interaction that customers experience in these spaces. Not only does this ensure that you get their attention, but it also ensures that your message is received.

According to the Indoor Billboard Advertising Association, 75% of restaurant visitors use the restroom during their stay. In a bar or nightclub, the average customer uses the restroom about three times per stay. This translates into multiple impressions per customer.

2. You can be precise with yourself Indoor advertising

Although consumers see 5,000+ ads a day কাছ close to 2 million annually — they usually remember only 1-3 percent of them without prompting.

The restroom ad is so interesting because it doesn’t mix with other messages of their experience. In fact, a significant 64% of leisure visitors remember seeing one or more indoor ads.

With Indoor advertising, You have the luxury of knowing more about your clients. Helps to increase the accuracy effect in advertising; If a person connects to the element, they are more likely to remember it.

For example, if you place an ad on a music venue, you can create your ad for the kind of music lovers who will be attending the concert at the venue. If you know that the club hosts most jazz ensembles, for example, you can use jazz content in your ads. It can create a connection based on music interest and it helps the person remember the ad much later.

Here are some examples of how to achieve consumer goals:

  • Gender – In the men’s and women’s restrooms, there is a separate messaging system for everyone
  • Lifestyle – Like sports fans in sports bars or arenas. Or mothers with young children at a childcare station or other family-friendly place such as a fast-food restaurant, bowling alley, day care, or playground.
  • Other populations such as ethnic – For example, a Hispanic population may be noticed in a neighborhood that has a Spanish grocery store, laundromat, or check-cashing location.

The potential of the target population extends beyond what is mentioned here. End-of-life possibilities can be specifically targeted by gender, lifestyle, age, zip code, DMA, state, or even nationally.

3. Indoor advertising A good branding strategy

Indoor advertising Gives brands a unique experience of spending 1-3 minutes with each customer.

One study found that 3 out of 4 people Changes in habits or behaviors are considered after viewing an internal advertisement. In addition, 98% of those interviewed in this same study said they responded positively or negatively. Indoor advertising.

This also seems to apply throughout the gender binary. Men and women respond similarly to their polling studies.

Indoor advertising takes branding to a whole new level. When creating a campaign, the best plan of action is not to focus on where the ads are placed, but on the target audience.

Internal advertising can give you more precise goals and positive results, as shown above.

4. Yours Indoor advertising Get repeat exposure

Bar ads And restaurants Gives you the opportunity to attract the same customers more than once. Most people have a favorite bar or restaurant that they visit several times a month (or more) frequently. Your indoor ads will create repetitive impressions on these people, making them more likely to remember and work on your ads (Brand ME advertising)

5. You can be creative Indoor advertising

Indoor advertising Not limited to restrooms. There are many creative options for your style and placement Indoor advertising. Billboard or Gas pump advertisingYou can change your style, shape and placement Indoor Campaigning is a place to be creative and stand out — and capitalize on its benefits Indoor advertising.

Other creative solutions can be found in items like Bar Media, which is a great addition to any indoor advertising campaign.

Additional conversations can be had around the bar or table with coasters, table tents and advertisements for check presenters. Average times Items may also include posters with audio and motion sensors that respond to patrons whenever they walk by.

When it comes to bar media, Allover Media There are endless options for you.

Ready for your brand Indoor advertising?

Want to maximize your business exposure this winter? We are ready to help and now is the time to start.

It can take time to create and implement these campaigns The sooner you start the search process, the sooner your ads will appear in the indoor space.

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