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An aerial view of a suburb.  Surrounding marketing is an effective way to increase brand awareness.

Digital outdoor advertising tends to find creative, effective ways to get people’s attention while they’re out. One growing marketing strategy? The use of dedicated marketing focuses on the suburbs.

According to a 2017 American Housing Survey conducted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Census Bureau, 52% of Americans identify as suburbs. If you want to increase your interest in your business, then Barbers is where you need to market. And lucky for you, AllOver Media can help!

Dedicated marketing With Allover Media

Nearby marketing allows you to speak directly to a dedicated market where you are trying to reach. Creating a strategic marketing campaign within a potential customer community also offers the following additional benefits:

  • High Visual: Allover Media’s LED billboard trucks can play video, animated art or static images to draw attention in a multifaceted way. Mobile billboard trucks offer an affordable and flexible alternative to conventional billboards.
  • Conversation started: Indoor advertising, such as bar media, reaches out to your dedicated audience instead of waiting for them to come to you. Also, a local bar is a great place for a community to come across and discuss your messaging.
  • Increased ROI: Digital content from OOH advertising directly linked to the customer’s smartphone speeds up the time between ad visibility and purchase of the product or service, increasing your ROI.

What kind of marketing statistically resonates with suburban audiences?

The suburban population is wide and connects urban and rural enclaves, so suburban shopping habits are likely to change. Some may prefer a smaller business than a larger box store or chain. Some may be interested in entering the city for shopping trips and events, others may not. Suburban marketing will best resonate with your dedicated audience if it:

  • Local work: According to a Yodle report, most consumers favor big business only for price and stability. They focus on small business for quality, personalization and loyalty. Think like a local when strategizing where and how to promote your messaging, using the marketing methods around you:
  • Park Or other outdoor entertainment sites provide a great platform for mobile advertising during their leisure time.
  • Outdoor area Gives a great opportunity to reach out to more people like parades, festivals and fairs because they are coming together as a community. (Bonus points if you can talk to them about your ad!)
  • Highly-traffic bars An effective way to reach out directly to the community.
  • Reviews and testimonials Trusted community members give your business a recognized stamp of approval that can boost confidence in your messaging.
  • Involved in social media: Increasing your brand awareness with keywords in hashtags, BIOS and posts as well as engaging with followers directly through comments and customer service will boost your business. You can use geofencing technology to send alerts, coupons and discounts to consumers’ phones as they approach.

Design your next dedicated marketing campaign with this Allover Media

It’s time to get your message out there! At AllOver Media, we specialize in outdoor marketing, and we’ve invested in innovative brand messaging and audience participation. Connect with us today for your next Mobile Billboard Idea or OOH Marketing Project!

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