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Have an important message that needs to be shared with others around the world? Whether it’s discouraging tobacco use or promoting a new business, AllOver Media helps ensure your public service announcements (PSA) or government advertising campaigns reach the eyes and ears of those who need it most!

So, what do you need to do to reach out to the “public” in your public service announcement? Here are some tips to consider when you create your campaign.

Start with content

Wherever members of the public first encounter your PSA ad, the message should reach home. Start there, then start the campaign!

A focused message

Create a message to focus on. If it’s too broad, irresistible, or confusing, it can be difficult to focus and capture your intended audience (and remember, you definitely want their attention!)

Make your message short and to the point! Once you engage your audience with clear messaging, you can expand and add more subtle details.

Identify your audience

Who is your target audience? Public service announcements can usually be divided by demographics, such as:

  • Age group
  • Gender and / or sexual orientation
  • Geographical location
  • Job industry
  • Interests and hobbies

Once you understand WHO Your audience is one step closer to finding you Where Your audience and how you can reach them. Market research can be a great help in determining your audience’s abilities, resources, favorite media and other interests. Use that information to better target your campaign.

Include a specific query

Although many public service advertising ads are designed to educate and inform, there is almost always a specific step you want people to take. Focus on that, and be sure to tell your audience how the action will impact you!

Here’s another way to think about it: Determine what you’re trying to achieve with this PSA. How is success measured? How can you frame this as a “query” to those who receive your message?

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Packaging and shipping

As frustrating as it may seem, the way you send your promotions to publishers and media outlets affects whether they publish your public service announcements. If you send a weird file format or omit important information, they may not even have the ability to publish it! Follow these tips to ensure maximum publishing.

What does every media outlet want?

When it comes to public service announcement advertising, there will be unique features of how media outlets want to package information. Research their needs first: You will save a lot of time and energy by presenting your message in their preferred format.

Top notch materials

High quality content has the potential to give you more exposure, so make sure your PSA looks and sounds professional and interesting. Since you will be competing with other PSAs, you will want to combine the materials exceptionally, so that they are different and get plenty of air time.

Timing is the key

It takes time to organize and communicate the various elements of a campaign, so plan your public service announcement ad with a projected “live” date in mind. If you have an announcement deadline, make sure your media contacts are aware of it (and highlight it in your materials).

Remember: a deadline can add a sense of urgency to your message, so if it’s appropriate, include it in your ad.

Cover your base

Make sure your messaging is consistent across all channels and track where and what resonated with whom.

Update your digital content

In this digital age, online presence is important. Keep your website and social media pages updated so that they reflect (and hopefully expand) your public service announcement ads!

A consistent color palette and messaging will help your audience track the information you are presenting. If they see your PSA and then go to your website, will they know that they are on the right page?

And don’t forget: an image can pack a punch, so consider adding an image or infographic to your materials.

Campaign tracking and analysis

Since your public service announcement ad is running, and especially after the end of the campaign, you should collect as much data as possible to determine how well the campaign performed.

And when tempted to read data as a yes / no answer to “did it work or not”, effectiveness shouldn’t be the only thing you see. Dig a little deeper to get useful information, such as:

  • Was this campaign more resonant than others in a particular group (based on age, location, etc.)?
  • Were there any unintended consequences, good or bad, that could be found back in the campaign? (For example, sales may not have increased, but you have had a flow of calls about the product, indicating that the promotion is raising awareness.)

When you start your next campaign, you can take some of your lessons and apply them where applicable. In time, you’ll run an incredibly efficient campaign!

Spread the word with allover media

Need help getting your public service announcement into the public sphere? Whether your message works best with fast-updating outdoor digital advertising or trying out and true door hangers, we’ve got you covered.

Give AllOver Media a call today, and we’ll help you get your important messages across to your audience!

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