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More than ever, there is a lot of important information to communicate about healthcare. From the time of open enrollment, insurance coverage, the way to save lives from new facilities, the world of healthcare is changing all the time. One way to make sure your message reaches across: Outdoor (OOH) Healthcare ads 7

OOH is Healthcare advertising Effective?

Yes, OOH healthcare advertising is effective, especially since more people are returning to the world right now. Here are some of the reasons:

You can reach out to the general public

OOH healthcare marketing provides an opportunity to speak directly to the general public. The really good news is that – not often – the general public accepts and even seeks out reliable healthcare information. A study conducted by Talon America in partnership with LoopMe examines the role of OOH advertising in healthcare updates. One of their most notable results:

“66% of respondents are looking to news, government resources and PSAs for information on COVID-19 and other healthcare updates.”

Let’s give the general public the message they expect.

People believe OOH advertising

In the world of digital misinformation, OOH advertising methods are still believed. While it’s easy to post and delete misleading information online, it’s hard to stay away from it on a huge billboard. The study noted that among respondents,

“45% … Trust the healthcare brand’s messaging when delivered through a combination of OOH, social, and online advertising.”

And in this moment, it is important to build and maintain trust with the general public.

Read the full study “OOH Advertising is a Strong Driver of Healthcare Brands and Business Success.”

OOH advertising leads to increased search

Because we have a moment to make an impact, back up your OOH strategy with a strong online presence. A recent survey, “Standing on the shoulders of the giants”, conducted by Rapport, indicates a massive increase in OOH advertising-inspired searches:

“Search has improved the most by using the OOH brand, increasing by 80%, followed by social media by 56% and online by 31%.”

That precious moment was taken by your audience reading your OOH messaging translated into digital search!

Its rise Healthcare Billboard

Billboards have long been a source of information, and mobile billboards have flexibility with messaging and location. We can be strategic where people will come across your information because we want to maximize results.

One of the challenges of healthcare billboards is to communicate an sometimes complex message quickly and efficiently. Our team knows how to combine compelling copy with storytelling graphics. Then, your reader gets the picture and wants to know more!

Learn more about AllOver Media’s experience with local, state and national government agencies.

Spread the message, not germs

If you have an important message to spread, you want to work with an expert team of marketers. Go ahead and take a closer look at our previous work. If you’re interested, set up a consultation with our AllOver Media marketing team Together, we can make a difference in keeping our public healthy and aware.

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