Earlier this year we received news that David Levy had died in late December 2021, after a ten-month battle with pancreatic cancer.

For more than 40 years, David made his career in the radio industry, including as a sales manager / general sales manager at Boys Radio Station and later the Levi Group.

From the death of David:

She loved the food and spent hours and hours creating the perfect recipe in the kitchen for her friends and family to enjoy. David loved to travel and go to concerts. Part of the adventure was finding the best restaurants in every new place he traveled. David was known for ruining his dog.

David is survived by his wife Becky, his son Drew (Charlie), his daughter Lisha (Kurt), granddaughter Opel and Sage and many friends and family.

We want you all to give your loved one an extra hug and give your dog a piece of bacon.

How do you sum up a death in a life? Really, you don’t. Some part of you lives in the hearts of those who love you.

He was held in high esteem by people in and around the radio industry, as evidenced by comments from an archive of an Idaho radio news post, such as:

David Levy is one of those people who is really happy to see them walking on a radio station. His affection and warmth is evident to all who visit him. From day one of the K-106, he was a major player on Boyce Radio, which speaks volumes about his sales skills.

David is a true professional. Also a really nice person and you don’t always find it at work. He’s one of Boise’s best.

Our condolences to David’s family, friends and all who know him.

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