In the city center, people are throwing their weapons into the air.  Digital OOH advertising could change your strategy this year!

Now is the time to shout your messaging from the roof! Or at least out of the house. Digital Out-of-Home (OOH) marketing efforts are on the rise: After a significant decline in 2020, DOOH advertising revenue is growing rapidly. By 2025, global revenue is projected to hit 25 billion.

As the world opens up backups, we’re seeing an increase in spending on digital OOH ads. And as more and more people tune in to their devices from device fatigue, digital ads are starting to emerge outside the home. It seamlessly integrates with the world, allowing you to communicate through messaging without having to fight screen burnout. In other words, you can reach your audience when they are more receptive to your message!

This year, let’s work together to hit your targets outside the park.

We love Digital OOH

Out-of-home digital advertising refers to the dynamic media displayed in public or outside your home. You will see these ads in gas stations, hotels, malls, cars, etc.

As technology advances, digital OOH ads become more efficient in terms of cost and reach. Since these resources are very flexible, we can create a customized plan based on what you want to achieve. And by creating compelling content, we interact with a memorable story. All of these details come together to hit – and often even exceed – your metrics.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite digital OOH offers on AllOver Media here:

A person is looking at an advertisement for a digital gas pump.

Its beauty Digital gas pump

When was the last time you got gas? What did you do when you were standing next to your car? Chances are you’re standing there, ticking or watching the surroundings. Imagine if you had an interesting ad in front of you. If you have no phone to confuse, you are more receptive to information.

That’s where we come from! Our visually impressive digital gas pumps communicate your brand information into bite-sized pieces so that your viewers have a long way to go before they leave.

So far, in 2022, our proven digital gas pump strategy is expanding widely with popularity. Interested in launching a gas pump campaign? Set up a consultation with our team as soon as possible.

Digital truck ads in downtown Minneapolis.

With road hit Digital truck

Digital trucks give your messaging a chance to get there! Contact a public service announcement, an exciting new product launch, or a seasonal promotion — digital trucks can spread the word and meet people wherever they are! The digital nature of this strategy means you can easily change the image by keeping your communication relevant and up to date. Moving visual captures the interest of the audience.

Together, with the help of AllOver Media, we can create a plan that hits your specific KPIs, whether it’s increasing brand exposure or increasing engagement.

Let’s win this year

Now is the time to move on to your digital OOH marketing efforts. Don’t let your competitors beat you. Tell us your needs, and we’ll connect with you right away.
Want to know more about AllOver Media’s OOH advertising strategy? Stay tuned to our blog for more art insights and deep dives.

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