Breaking down social platforms: How to connect with your audience

So often, we think that the only way to reach our audience is through paid advertising. Businesses really need to connect with their audience. Here is a breakdown of some of the platforms you can use and how each one can benefit your business.

This platform can be helpful for any business that can be information-heavy. For example, if your product or service may be complicated, YouTube is a great place to show videos to your viewers. This platform requires long format video. This can be a great way to connect with your audience and educate them about your business or even the industry you’re in. Real estate, for example, is constantly evolving and there are many moving parts for both sellers and buyers. Creating YouTube videos for your local Albuquerque followers so that these processes outline easy-to-understand ideas will not only help your industry, but will help you when someone in your audience wants to buy a home.

This social platform is great for almost any business and almost anyone can use it. It’s easy to navigate and very user-friendly. The platform was initially image-based although they recently added more video functions to the platform and now allow longer-format videos with some restrictions. This platform is follower based so any content you create will only be shared with your followers. This is common to most platforms. Instagram is a place where sharing local high-quality photos and visually appealing content will take you a long way with your visitors. This platform is useful for almost any business.

Like Instagram, Facebook is follower-based. Facebook is a little more friendly to post which does not include visuals. Any social media platform these days will have a preference for video content but Facebook is still a good place for regular posts that relay updated information or include posting links. On this platform, you can also create groups that can be game-changers for some businesses. These are individual pages where users can interact with each other on a specific topic, event or product, service or local environment. Creating a local Albuquerque page for your customers based on ABQ will not only connect you with your audience but will also connect your audience to each other! This is a feature that has not been perfected by Instagram or YouTube. This platform is useful for any business.

LinkedIn used for most business professionals is a lot like Facebook. This platform is follower-based but it is more of a business networking site than a social platform. However, LinkedIn, like Facebook and Instagram, allows for paid social advertising and can be very useful when you or your business wants to hire. This platform is useful for businesses that want to not only connect with their customer audience but also grow their internal business.

We hope this fundamental breakdown of social media platforms will help you navigate your business and your audience better! It’s hard to know which platform might be best to start with when jumping into the online world of business. These are just a few of the ways your feet will get wet and help you connect with your audience.

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