Baby Boomers Advertising: We’ve Already Done It.

I keep hearing that the internet is ruining our attention span. I’m starting to believe it. I can easily get through a book, a TV show, a movie – but web pages bother me in nanoseconds and I keep clicking. (Some tell me it’s not good for advertising.)

Or maybe it’s content. I’ve seen it before. I tell myself, “We’ve already done that.”

Samuel Scott The stable energy dissection and presentation of the tube does a good job:

Which Advertising Channel Is Best If All Others Are Equal?
In those three years we’ve been considering media effectiveness, with TV surpassing Facebook and YouTube in all of these areas.

Sounds right to me:

21 July 2017
The endless death of television
What I can’t think of is as lively and chipper as the television in its final throes.

From Entrepreneur:

It’s never too late: Entrepreneurs have no age
A survey suggests that businesses are more likely to succeed because the age of their founders increases to about 40 years.

I wrote a book years ago. The bulk of this had to do with entrepreneurs:

Advertising for Baby Boomers
Targets clients and entrepreneurs

advbbcoverParamount Market Publishing, Ithaca, NY
সৃষ্টি Chuck Niren’s egalitarian views are all involved in the creation of advertising and propaganda. A large portion of the book is dedicated to helping Baby Boomer entrepreneurs launch their marketing and advertising campaigns.

And there are a bunch of other recent articles that aren’t worth reading so I won’t link to them, topics that cover the nausea of ​​advertising year after year, e.g. Baby Boomers are not in a hurry to retire (We have known this for over a decade), Creativity is not just for young people (I think I was young when I blogged this in 2007), Baby boomers misconceptions and the age of technology (My favorite cyber-myth)

Or maybe I’m so technically-challenged that it’s almost impossible for me to find anything suitable for the news on the Internet – and I should retire.

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