Baby Boomers Advertising: People Hate Advertising.

*The following post is about advertising To baby boomers.

A scandalous research report published in The New York Times:

The advertising industry has a problem: people hate advertising
By Tiffany Hsu

… The advertising industry has faced a “need for change to exist”, according to a blunt report released Monday by research firm Forrester. Now companies must take the risk of “dismantling the remnants of their old model” or “falling into further irrelevance,” the report concludes.

And there are several studies from multiple sources to back it up:

Scary! Except: I forgot to add the date of this survey:

From most of the above statistics Mirror Makers By Stephen Fox:


So not much has changed. Or maybe a lot has changed. Nowadays:

As advertisers bombard consumers across platforms like Twitch, Facebook, television, billboards and more, consumers are trying to get away by signing up for ad blockers and subscription services.

The truth is messy. Very few people admit to enjoying advertising. In the old days, advertising on radio and television was often tastelessly involved. Today (or maybe it was ten years ago, it’s hard to hold on) we’ll call it that Madison and Vine or product space or native advertising or stealth advertising. There were complaints, and things changed. In the late 1950’s, you heard / saw a program – then came the commercial break. This strategy is still effective today.

Most people don’t mind, and many like ads too – if it’s positioned that way, it doesn’t constantly bombard you. I wrote about this a few years ago:

March 06, 2012
Digital Destruction

Advertisers are becoming aware of the pitfalls of marketing at Digital Nest … The more people use smartphones, the less they will tolerate the silly graphical duds that tear their small screens apart.

Return to NYT article:

Those agencies must take the risk of “dismantling the remnants of their old model” or “falling into more irrelevance”, concluding the report …

The “outmoded model” happened when the Internet exploded – and the industry became greedy. With greed came this and this and all this:

Digital Ad Shenanigans
It’s been a bad week or so for the stupidity and clich of online advertising

Black ops ad by Einstein
Rolling on the floor laughing What a bizarre virtual world we live in! The stream of prose, the pictures, the videos, everything seems like nothing. Alice in WonderlandBy comparison, rather Prasaik.

If you want to know more, follow this crazy guy:


*The link below is a silly piece about Advertising Baby boomers:

Should older people be allowed to change their age?
By Chuck Niren
November 4 · 2 minutes reading

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