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I can’t be bothered by all this pro / anti boomer stuff.

I remember about twenty-five years ago I didn’t care and joked about it:

Anti boomer page
Published April 8, 1997
… a kid here is sick of hearing about Boomers – and I don’t blame him … What I heard when I was his age was frustration and World War II. What a flood.

It was published sixteen years ago:

Bigger Generation: Baby Boom Defends Legacy
By Leonard Steinhorn
It is fashionable to ridicule boomers as self-absorbed and materialistic. But what is the true legacy of the Boomers?

Good book. Read on Brent GreenAccept it: Redefining the greatness of the generation.

Professor Steinhorn was a feature Washington Post Magazine Pieces in January:

He has written a book on Boomers, and he thinks General Z. Rap ​​is not right against them
By Graham Vice
Raised by a pair of liberal boomers as millennials, I am instinctively sympathetic to Steinhorn. I’m close to my parents, and I share their values, so when Steinhorn told me that there is a much smaller cultural “generation gap” between Boomers and their parents than Boomers and their parents.

Now David Cravitt It’s all about video toss up. He walked us through the history of the Boomers, doing a great job of breaking down dumb myths:

Anapologetic boomer
… if you’re a baby boomer, tired of blaming everything, this is your place. I offer a blunt, but evidence-based, argument as to why the Boomers have nothing to apologize for.

And Ashton Applewhite Distorting parallel myths about ageism:

This chair is rock
থেকে Since childhood, we have been interrupted by the message that aging is sad. Those lines are embarrassing and useless to old people …

May I mention that you are really mentioned in Miss Applewhite’s book?

Chuck is very calm and cutting-edge and a very important person post
Ht Ashton Applewhite, You’re-An-Asshole-If-You’re-Ageist A leading activist in the world and Shaker-Upper, quotes me in his book This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Eczema A

My take on these topics is usually tongue-in-cheek. A stupid book came out a few years ago and I joked about it:

76 million sociopaths expelled
কারণে Being a narcissistic boomer, I loved reading the article – although it was quite vague, it had no material or information. But that’s okay. This is a teaser. Undoubtedly the author has impressive degrees in history and sociology, even in psychology. So the book is supposed to be fantastic, and not written by Dildo Blowhard.

And there are other underlying reasons why my generation is at the forefront:

People always come to me and ask, “Chuck, why are baby boomers so great?”
How rare it is to find an infinite number of correct answers to a single question! One of my standard answers: It has to do with our diet during adolescence.

Blame the boomers. It’s just simple-minded people looking for simple-minded answers.

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