Baby Boomers Advertisement: Jumping on a Bandwagon

Cindy Gallop hops on:

Disrupting ageism in advertising
By Grace Bernsteinzel
There are a few words to choose from for this outspoken 2019 influencer in aging advertising world.

To a 2017 post about Joseph Coughlin:

. There are many people who have educated us and continue to educate us. Names above my head: Robert N. Butler, David Wolf, Ken Dichtwald, John Migliasio, Kurt Medina, Matt Thornhill, Brent Green, Marty Barletta, Mary Farlong, Mirna Blyth, Carol Orsbourne, Rick Moody, Mark Miller, Paul Cleman, Scott Raines, Kevin Lavrey, Reg Starkey, Laurie Orlov, Richard Adler, Todd Harf, Bill Thomas, Louis Tenenbaum, Arzan Int Weld, Martijn de Haas, David Cravitt, Moses Jennymer, Maxime de Janelis, Florian Kohlbacher, Christopher Gemnell, Christopher Romney, , Jim Gilmartin, Gil Walker, Dave McGann, Kim Walker, Tony Mariani, Barry Robertson, Frederick Serrier, Bob Hoffman, Am I Omitted? No doubt.

CNext AvenueFrom ulled Next Avenue Interview:

“Advertising has a very simple way of dealing with the negative stereotypes of old age. When you have older people create, produce, approve ads – the problem is solved. “

Familiar words. A 2003 article courtesy of me The Way Back Machine:

Baby Boomers Advertisement – Fold Back
The Giant Leap: There could be a small revolution in the creative end of the advertising industry. If you want to reach out to us, you have to bring back the talented men and women of the late forties and early fifties. These include copywriters, graphic artists, producers, directors and creative directors.

The truth is, you can analyze marketing practices day and night, read countless books about marketing to Baby Boomers, attend Advertising and Marketing Conventions around the world, and soak up everything the experts have to say. But if you have an implementation plan Do creative techniques, and return them to a different generation of advertising professionals – you’ll lose the natural sensitivity needed to create important campaigns.

For more background, download Introduction and Chapter 1 Of Advertising for Baby Boomers (Selected as Classroom Resource by The Advertising Educational Foundation)

Introduction and first chapter (PDF)

There is also a chapter in the title book Get rid of stereotypes.

It’s great to have Mrs. Gallop on board.
*** Above is an updated post from last October:

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