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17 April 2019

No news news and fake news
I’m not linking to any more dumb articles …

It’s amazing how many data companies there are. I don’t know why there is such an insatiable appetite for numbers, shaded pie pieces, multi-colored line layouts to go either way. Abstract art is its most understandable.

Marketers especially like all the mysterious razor-dazzle.

I recently read an article by someone who works at a big data firm. The article had no meaning. Or the writer was so blinded by numbers, pies, and lines that it was impossible for this person to think intelligently. Or Proofreader was on vacation. (I’ve found that most proofreaders are on permanent leave these days.)

Let’s take a look at the first few sentences:

Baby boomers are the fastest growing population in the United States …

The fastest growing population? Baby Boomers was born between 1946 and 1964. This is not a fast Or Slowly growing population. This guy clearly thinks people get old and magically turn into baby boomers.

In 20 years, the population aged 55 or over will make up about one-third of the US population.

Well, that’s interesting. But I avoid why the above sentence is in the paragraph and why it is relevant to the article. Especially when followed:

In contrast to millennials, who are often burdened by student loans and the cost of supporting growing families, Boomers have disposable income for in-store and online shopping.

I have no idea which of the above means, or is trying to explain. Random information and arbitrary time-frames are randomly combined with terminology-filled gibberish.

Here is the information:

Today, All Baby boomers are over fifty-five years old. If you were born in 1964, your age is fifty-five, fifty-six. The millennium was born between 1981 and 1996 (some sociologists and population figures determine slightly different years).

In twenty years, all Gen X will be even a handful millennials 55+.

What does “millennialism” have to do with anything?

পর After re-reading this post, I’m even more confused. It is difficult to unpack nonsense because unpacking nonsense often makes nonsense more irrational, if it has any meaning.

All I know is: if I’m older, I’ll automatically become a member of the silent generation, and if I get really old, I’ll suddenly become a member of the WWII generation.

And if I live two hundred and fifty years, I will automatically become a founding father.

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