All I can say is, I’ve seen a lot more planes in the last few months.

There has been a lot of movement in the store over the last few months. Here’s one Undoubtedly incomplete Snapshots of what we saw.

116 and west:

Inside: Creative Director Kelly Knopp (who returned to the store after a period of freelance work that included Boise OG).

Out: Adam Rosenlund, in a new role outside the agency.


Inside: Copywriter Cameron Stewart, Account Co-ordinator Antonio Gallegos, Video Producer Laura Munsil, Digital Media Coordinator Vanessa Almaraj, and Media Planner and Buyer Oscar Mariscal (who returned to the agency for a second term).

Out: Joel Alexander (in the Navy), every CLM’s Instagram post.

In Daft Waterson:

Inside: Account Manager Alyssa Mayer, Account Manager Mackenzie Halling, Content and Digital Manager Cody Howard, Full-Stack Developer and Software Engineer Isaac Borup, Videographer and Photographer Michael Boncore and Growth Strategist.

In the introduction:

Inside: Junior web developer Nathan Montgomery, and art director Ricky Gertz, according to a recent update to Foistel’s website.

Out: Janelle Count (Happy Retirement!) And Kylie Wells (Transfer), to Forrestel’s Instagram post.

In Reynolds + Myers:

Inside: Chris Blanchard, Director of Partnerships.

In Stoltz Marketing Group:

Inside: Carstin Delap, Senior Account Manager, Jenny Heika, Senior Account Manager, Page Jondro, Account Coordinator, Jeff Mensh, Senior Digital Producer, Dena Shearer, Graphic Designer, and Clara Thamke, Graphic Designer.

Out: Katherine Johnson, Jake Smith, and Kyle Fountain, in new roles outside the agency.

Again, this is sure to be an incomplete list of come and go. There’s always more going on below the surface …

Post arrivals and departures first appear in Idaho advertising agency.

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