Advertising for Baby Boomers: Going About the City

Over the years, I have been a champion in the marketing and advertising of everyday products to Baby Boomers:

Boomer Backlash II
If every time someone in their fifties sees a commercial aimed at them and it is always for an age-related product or service, soon their eyes will glaze over, they will become itchy and annoying.
The real issue: Marketing and advertising people realize the fact that boomers will buy billions upon billions of dollars. Non-age Related products for the next twenty years. If you target this group for (almost) anything – toothpaste, computers, clothes, food, nail polish, toys, toenails – and you do it with respect and subtlety, they will appreciate and consider your product.

And I shout about easy-to-open packaging, easy-to-adult-eye printing, usability, and so on.

But sometimes what I find is just stupid. Read and delete:

Ranking of the top five toilet paper for seniors


Looking old? Dump down? Want a pip talk? A little kick-in-the-pants inspiration so you can continue?

Of course, you don’t have to read about how incredible you can be if you feel right about yourself. Possible negative side effects: Being depressed by finding out how nice other people are.

Immerse yourself or ignore the latest feeling-good (or bad) site:

Welcome to Agist
We are a global movement that is living longer and better than before. Join us for culture, style, travel, health sciences and inspirational things.

Of course, if you Really Older, say thirty or more, you will really need help. An inspirational weekend strategy might:

A new luxury retreat technology caters to older employees (ages 30 and older)
The team will stick stickers with adolescent slurs on their chests, arms and faces and then throw the stickers into the fire. Next, there will be healing sessions focusing on intergenerational cooperation and mortality.


If you remember the 60’s, you weren’t really there

There are always exceptions to the rule. Brent Green Rounded up some people who swear they remember, and their credentials convince me they are (probably) not lying.

I don’t remember the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s, or ’10s decade (except maybe an hour or so), so I’m not helping.

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