Advertising for Baby Boomers: Destroying Myth-Busters

I am Hierarchy. Show about two dozen every week. Sometimes more.

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Press releases are like a virtual confetti these days.

Mostly intensive, meaningless bladder. While the “high chuck” greeting may seem like the sender has some idea about my blog, it’s usually a tip-off that he / she I haven’t read any post.

Here’s the latest:

Hi Chuck,
I hope you are well, I will keep this brief and I know you are busy – we have a client whose press release you may be interested in reviewing. Below is the gist – if you’re interested we invite you to check out the full release.


New research dispels myth of tech-challenged seniors’
A new groundbreaking study of marketing consultancy, ***********, is about to break many myths and more companies and brands are aiming for huge opportunities to reach 55+ consumers through digital devices, across different aspects of life.

Let me break the myth that any of it breaks even the distant myth …

From my book Advertising for Baby Boomers Published in 2005:

“It simply came to our notice then. There is a simple reason for this. We have money to buy these things. Experts say we will have money for at least the next twenty years. Write to us at your own peril. “

A blog post:

November 14, 2005
My favorite cyber-myth
Whenever I see baby boomers roaming the computer, shaking their heads, in complete discomfort, how can I sneeze and roll my eyes? Of course, percentages of any age are technologically competitive – but Boomers have embraced the Internet as a whole and are not afraid to sink into the ether brain at first.

There have been dozens more posts over the years about 50+ people and technology – but I’ll give you a discount.

‘Landmark’ Mythology The report is about how over the last year or so, people over the age of 55 are now banking online and buying things online.

That’s great. I never guessed.

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