Advertising for Baby Boomers: Community for Boomers

The veteran-centric housing industry is about to explode anyway.

Take it in my tongue-in-cheek:

03 December 2018

Where will the elderly live?
It was as if the old people were where they lived – and that was it.

And I’ve been writing about this nausea for over fifteen years. A list of related posts:

Aging in place and universal design

Something you can skip or avoid:

Selling Universal Design at Baby Boomer / Aging in Place (PDF)
কী What is ‘aging in place’? There are baby boomers
Keep them in their condos or home for the rest of their lives. Others cite aging in place as a blueprint to rebuild existing dwellings with universal design. Still others use the term to describe baby boomers moving to condo or active adult communities not far from where they are now – so that they can still be close to work, family, friends.

Energy-that-will be smart. They’re starting to target middle-income boomers – not just for the good-off ones that everyone craves.

The latest collection of offers (the article is dense, somewhat complex – so again, the scheme):

6 Senior Living Providers to Visit in 2020
. Baby boomers will meet a variety of needs for care and comfort, but many may not be able to afford the existing, influential personal pay model of senior housing.

Boomer thinker and marketing maven Matt Thornhill There is a new adult community project that fascinates me. Add to list:

Comfortable home community
This is a new type of rental housing unit specially designed for middle income boomers or people in their 60s and 80s.

Plan an open floor with two bedrooms, two full baths, and a kitchen, dining and family room – all on one floor. Approximately 1,200 square feet, there is plenty of room for two to share.

Taken from my book Advertising for Baby Boomers:

Some Baby Boomer sociologists predict that semi-retired and retired communities will develop personality based on naturally shared interests. These could be gardens, motorcycles, vegetarianism, the arts, and even a community where shared interests can be a financial assumption.

To be exact, I can’t think of a better architectural template than this Comfortable home community.

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