It’s a bit premature, looking back to 2020 – but everyone wants it now I’m just like everyone else.

In January, you really predicted that it would happen.

Year of technology

মতো As always, any ‘tech’ for baby boomers is medical tech. I wrote about the stupidity and shortsightedness of this ad …

It was like the year of technology – but not for the reason I expected. Millions of older people, who were not technically intelligent, have become technically conscious – just to survive. Out of necessity, the virtual world has become the real world.

This post was very popular:

04 February 2020

Community for Boomers
The way the aging-centric housing industry is about to explode.

That did not happen. Everyone (I hope) has to keep up. But it will explode in the end.

T.His post popularity runner-up was:

23 September 2020

Do you want to feel old?
Alley, gee … he’s just a kid!

Finally, my favorite post of the year:

30 October 2020

Those indomitable boomers
I can’t be bothered by all this pro / anti boomer stuff.

Not a productive year for me or for most people.

The good news is: it’s almost done.

The bad news: It will be the same or worse in the first six months of 2021 (or more).

The insanity will end and we will be able to go back to our madness.

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